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Interesting, detailed, useful

Our well known training classes provide detailed content whilst keeping the subject matter interesting and relevant. We provide public classes facilitated by training providers, and tailored private training directly to clients. Course content covers all aspects of regulation, whether specifically covering rule sets, such as REMIT, MiFID II, MAR, or EMIR, or general topics such as data reporting, surveillance, or our specifically designed course for the front office on anti abuse rules.

We can provide customised training on many topics which include:

  • Front office training on anti abuse rules under REMIT and MAR

  • Detailed training on trade reporting under EMIR, REMIT, MiFID II and others, including solution options

  • Relevant MiFID II topics such as the Ancillary Activity test and Position Limits

  • Inside information rules in detail

  • Setting up effective monitoring and surveillance processes and technology


To discuss and arrange for private training please email us at


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