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Subject Matter Expertise as and when required

Our consulting services suit any size of company requiring regulatory expertise, usually covering aspects of EMIR, REMIT, MiFID II and MAR as well as other applicable rules. We provide services either directly or together with larger consulting companies so that our clients benefit from a range of skills and support, exactly as required. Our core values underpin all engagements.


Types of client

We serve several types of company requiring regulatory expertise including:

  • Market participants

  • Exchanges, trading platforms and market infrastructure providers

  • Software and technology companies


Typical engagements

Clients engage us for a variety of purposes which include:


The length of an engagement can vary from several hours to support over a protracted period, depending on the requirement. We advise on many topics related to energy regulation, which includes EMIR, REMIT. MiFID II, MAR, the Swiss FMIA rules, the impact of Brexit as well as others worldwide. We will only advise on topics that our expertise covers and engage honestly and openly regarding any area that we cannot include.


*ETR Advisory does not provide legal advice

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