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The values that guide us

ETR Advisory is guided by a core set of non negotiable beliefs that underpin how we engage with our clients and the market.



We will always act and behave honestly and openly with our clients. We will not provide unnecessary services, and will also provide frank and correct information in an "as it is" fashion. We will respect our clients' confidentiality and act in their interests wherever possible.



We will work with any other party in the intrerests of our clients. We frequently provide services together with other consulting companies, and will always do so in a way that ensures that clients receive the most appropriate service.



We will take a balanced and objective view of regulations and the services offered by "the market" to support them, without the influence of any vested interests.


We will ensure that our clients obtain optimal value from our services, tailored to their size and budget.



We will not compromise on any of our values, no matter what the circumstance.


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