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ETR supports its clients in a variety of flexible ways. A small sample is included here.
EMIR reporting go live

ETR assisted several companies with the "go live" of EMIR reporting in February 2014. This included acting as subject matter expert for a software vendor and visiting the sites of its client's to ensure on time reporting. ETR also provided detailed support to the product team. In addition to this engagement, ETR simultaneously support several other market participants and technology companies when EMIR reporting commenced.

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When one of the largest law firms in LA approached us to handle their rebranding, we were a little intimidated. But after meeting the team, we realized why they had chosen to go with an artsy consulting firm over the usual big four. As their Entertainment Law sector continues to grow, their branding needed to reflect this large part of their business. We took on the challenge head on and are delighted with the results!

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Working with the Constructing LA team and LA City Council, we set about creating the hype for the Constructing LA event for 2011. We started filming the project a year earlier. The end result was to design and build two constructions to be placed at both ends of the city for the New Year’s celebrations of 2011. Only on the last week did the 24 hour cameras get taken down from the web, before the great reveal. The year-long project was then made into a time lapse video which was displayed alongside the constructions.

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Kaleidoscope2 is a non-profit organization based in LA. The dream was to bring two different worlds of design together to rebuild a city in ruins. Our team had the privilege to work alongside some of LA’s most talented artists and designers to come up with the concept. The result: a stunning website and mobile site and a successful organization which continues to grow.

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