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Correggio Consulting and ETR Advisory to offer combined market information services

9th January 2024 - Correggio Consulting and ETR Advisory announce the deepening of a long standing co-operation by joining forces to offer the CorreggioNet and Regulatory Support Service on a combined basis.

CorreggioNet offers:

  • Consistent monitoring of regulatory change in 30 European energy wholesale markets.

  • Interactive alert system for material changes in any given market as afar as applicable for energy traders.

  • Individual “helpline” for any questions relating to CorreggioNET content and any questions about national reporting duties for wholesale energy traders.

  • Call-line with the CorreggioNET team as part of the SOS Reporting service, or on demand

  • CN Digest and SOS monthly reports covering regulatory change as far as relevant to energy trading, either as a stand-alone, or combined with other CorreggioNET services.

CorreggioNET was conceptually invented by Jan Haizmann in 2018 and is today used by 40 companies to manage regulatory change as applicable to energy markets.

ETR’s Regulatory Support Service offers fully customised guideline and updates covering “financial style” rules such as REMIT, EMIR, MIFID II, MAR, CBAM and others as applied to energy and commodities. The service comprises the following elements:

  • Updates on the in-scope rules customised for each client.

  • Regular update meetings with Aviv Handler.

  • A “helpline” to answer any matters arising, no matter how complex.

  • A monthly report customised to the client’s requirements.

  • ETR briefings on specific topics.

ETR Advisory was founded by Aviv Handler in 2013 to offer comprehensive support in “financial style” regulations to market participants in energy and commodity trading and those who provide services to them such as infrastructure and software providers.

The combined offering widens coverage significantly and allows customers to keep up to date and get expert advice from one place.

To learn more contact CorreggioNET at or  or ETR  Advisory at

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