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Blockchain, crypto currencies and ICOs

Regulatory implications of new technologies

The use of "Blockchain" technology, whether to support cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin, Initial Coin Offerings, or more general use, gives rise to many regulatory compliance issues. We help companies to consider the regulatory implications of such initiatives, which can take several forms:

Crypto-currency use

The use of crypto-currencies, as well as financial instruments based on them, gives rise to many regulatory questions, for example how to report them. We consider these implications, and assist clients in ensuring that rules are adhered to when using cryptos and associated instruments.



Initial Coin Offerings can give rise to many regulatory considerations, especially in the light of notices issued by regulatory bodies. It is necessary to consider these implications, whether running an ICO or taking part in one.


Blockchain and DLT use

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, used to support crypto-currencies, are being considered for many applications. There are two aspects to consider:

  1. The regulatory implications of using a particular facility.

  2. Whether facilities can support regulatory compliance.

Each strand has different regulatory implications. We help our clients ensure that these are considered in pragmatically but comprehensively.

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